AEON Shibuya school Halloween Party イーオン渋谷校ハロウィーンパーティ

Former students of AEON language school and current students' friends and families are also welcome. Here is AEON Shibuya School Halloween party info.
Hope all of you have a fabulous Halloween!


Moonlight ムーンライト

One of the most heart-wrenching films which allows us to enter and follow a life that not so many have considered or experienced, I think. We might know some about poverty, queerness, masculinity, and blackness, but to see the conflict of all doesn't give us answers but simply present a narrative that we often don't see. Very simple and painful and beautiful movie.

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at Setagaya Municipal Library 世田谷区立図書館にて 2017.09

"Lucy the Cat Vol.8", I translated, visited Setagaya Municipal Library as well. Thank you so much. Hope the cat lovers in Setagaya will also pet our Lucy and Lucy will meet lots of new friends.


Respect-for-the-Aged Day Gift 敬老の日ギフト

From today - Respect-for-the-Aged Day, to express our sincere gratitude to all, we have decided to do "Lucy the Cat in Tokyo" with my translation FREE download service. We will really appreciate it if you download our Lucy from Amazon Kindle for your favorite devices such as PC, Kindle, Kindle Cloud, iPhone, iPad, etc during this period, and pet her. Hope all of you have a wonderful Respect-for-the-Aged day.
本日から敬老の日にかけまして、日頃の感謝の気持ちを込めまして、訳書『ねこのルーシーとうきょうへいく』の無料ダウンロードを行うこととなりましたので、ご報告に上がりました。 期間中は、無料にてアマゾンキンドルからダウンロードできますので、この機に、PC、キンドル、キンドルクラウド、iPhone、iPadなど、皆さま各々のお気に入りデバイスへ入れて、愛でてやってくだされば幸甚です。皆さま、どうぞステキな敬老の日をお迎えくださいますよう。

☆彡 For Free Download 無料ダウンロードはこちらから ↓
Japan https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B074S1LXVN
USA https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074S1LXVN
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Holland http://www.amazon.nl/dp/B074S1LXVN
France http://www.amazon.fr/dp/B074S1LXVN
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Thanks to you all, they have been No.1 Best Seller on Amazon !
Amazon ベストセラー商品ランキング:
1位 --- Kindleストア > Kindle洋書 > Children's books
Thank you so much for DLing and petting our Cake & Granny when you are busy, everyone. Hope all of you have a beautiful Respect-for-the-Aged day.
皆さま、お忙しい折DLいただき、愛でてくださり誠にありがとうございます。心より感謝申し上げます。 ステキな敬老の日をお迎えくださいますように。

Please enjoy some treasure images in return for your loyalties.

With "Harry Potter". The moment when our Lucy outran "Alice" : Amazon Bestseller #1 (Children's books Category)
「ハリー・ポッター」と。ルーシーが「アリス」から逃げ切った瞬間。: アマゾン1位 (子どもの本カテゴリー)

With "Frog and Toad" series : Amazon Bestseller #1 (Animals Category)
「がまくんとかえるくん」シリーズと。: アマゾン1位 (どうぶつの本カテゴリー)

While our Lucy got paid. The moment when our Lucy was almost catching up with Dr. Seuss's "Cat in the Hat". : Amazon Bestseller #5 (Animals Category)
有料時のルーシー。Dr.スースの「ハットしてキャット」に追いつきそうだった瞬間。: アマゾン5位 (どうぶつの本カテゴリー)

This is a picture book written from such an adorable cat (Sacred Birman), Lucy's point of view with lots of humor. Lucy goes to Tokyo to make her long cherished dream come true in the 8th series. We can find some well-known touristic scenes in Tokyo such as Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea, Cat's Temple, Cat's Cafe. I sincerely hope both children and adults can enjoy this very charming Lucy's world both in English and in Japanese.
Official Website 公式サイト
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At Gotokuji Temple 豪徳寺にて(3)

Those cat picture books born this year got UNLIMITED POWER at Gotokuji temple, which is famous for Maneki neko (lucky cat). Thank you so much. Hope this autumn will be another UNLIMITED POWER-FULL harvest season.


Loving ラビング 愛という名前のふたり

Jeff Nicolas(ジェフ・ニコルズ)newest film centers around the true story of Richard and Mildred Richard, the couple that fought the supreme court to legalize interracial marriage. This film delivers a tale of powerful love, and the Lovings' eventual Supreme Court triumph seems almost incidental.

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Inspector Morse Complete Collection Vol.1 主任警部モース完全版 Vol.1

First broadcast in 1987, the Inspector Morse(モース警部)series is a crime drama based on the Colin Dexter(コリン・デクスター)novels of the same name. The series is based around the exciting exploits of Morse, a senior officer within the Criminal Investigation Department of the Oxford Police. Morse sets out with Sergeant Lewis, his sidekick, to solve each intriguing case. Morse is a grumpy classical music aficionado who loves beer, and who frequently loses patience with the earnest but somewhat slow Lewis.

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New Semester Gift 新学期ギフト

From today - September 2nd, to express our sincere gratitude to all, we have decided to do "Ethan in the Kingdom of the Toothbrushes" with my translation FREE download service. We will really appreciate it if you download our Ethan and his charming toothbrushes from Amazon Kindle for your favorite devices such as PC, Kindle, Kindle Cloud, iPhone, iPad, etc during this period, and enjoy it. Hope all of you will start your semesters successfully.
本日から9月2日にかけまして、日頃の感謝の気持ちを込めまして、訳書『ハブラシおうこくのイーサン』の無料ダウンロードを行うこととなりましたので、ご報告に上がりました。 期間中は、無料にてアマゾンキンドルからダウンロードできますので、この機に、PC、キンドル、キンドルクラウド、iPhone、iPadなど、皆さま各々のお気に入りデバイスへ入れて、愛でてやってくだされば幸甚です。どうぞよい新学期をスタートくださいますよう。

☆彡 For Free Download 無料ダウンロードはこちらから ↓
Japan https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B074QKTRGR
USA https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074QKTRGR
Canada http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B074QKTRGR
Holland http://www.amazon.nl/dp/B074QKTRGR
France http://www.amazon.fr/dp/B074QKTRGR
Australia http://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B074QKTRGR

The author, being a math teacher for 35 years in high school, and a mother of four children (twins - a son & daughter) and grandmother of five (twin grandchildren - a boy & girl) has written a lot of books for which she has used her imagination on her experiences with the twins. This adorable gem was written under the theme of importance of brushing teeth. I sincerely hope both children and adults can enjoy this book in English and Japanese.
35年間、高校の数学教師として教鞭を取られてきた著者は、4児(男女の双子)の母であり、5人の孫(男女の双子)の祖母。双子の子孫たちとの経験を通して得られたイマジネーションを活かした作品が多く、本作も歯みがきの大切さをテーマとした可愛らしい一作となっています。 英語と日本語のバイリンガルで、親子そろってお楽しみいただければ幸甚です。


Hillary Clinton

If I had married him, he would now be the president of the United states of America.(もし私が彼と結婚していたら、あの彼がアメリカ合衆国の大統領になっていたわ。)---- Hillary Clinton


It's only the end of the world たかが世界の終わり

Despite all the shouting and intensity, this film conveys with subtlety, suggestive dialogue and glances. Each actor has a scene where they speak in private with Louis and that's when they get interesting. The film is aesthetically brilliant and constantly creates an emotional tension allowing you to understand things only eyes can communicate.

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