Sofia the First The Secret Library ちいさなプリンセス ソフィア ひみつのとしょしつ

After receiving a book of secrets from her Aunt Tilly, Sofia finds herself searching through the castle only to find the Secret Library. With the help of her amulet and Aunt Tilly, Sofia will find her new destiny as she works to become the new Story Keeper and save Minimus's brother.

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on TV Asahi テレビ朝日にて

My uncle's Studio & Cafe "Maestro" in Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka was introduced on "TV Asahi" yesterday. Please drop in when you happen to come this way.

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The Brand New Testament 神様メール

The storytelling is exquisite. Elaborately constructed frames of short bursts of gorgeous, surreal elements pepper the action to ensure that this movie is a very rare delight. Each character in this film is unique and forms pieces of the brilliant display. Benoit Poelvoorde(ブノワ・ポールヴールド)superbly plays the mischievous and despicable portrayal of God. Pil Groyne(ピリ・グロイン), who plays 10-year-old Ea, was memorable as well. David Murgia(ダヴィッド・ミュルジア)is also charming yet hilarious as Jesus Christ.

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Homecoming Day 同期会

I joined the graduates' gathering & Homecoming Day today and met 93 alumni, who have been successful in their own fields since graduation, and am really grateful for such a stimulating time. Wishing all of our alumni continued success and prosperity.
本日、母校の同期会&ホームカミングデーへお邪魔いたしました。卒業後それぞれの道でご活躍中の 93 名の同期の方々とお会いでき、非常に刺激的な時間を過ごさせていただき感謝申し上げます。同窓生の皆さまの今後の変わらぬご活躍、ご繁栄をお祈り申し上げます。

1年1組の同期と。             1年2組の仲良しさんも。


The Huntsman Winter's War スノーホワイト/氷の王国

It is a fun ride with plenty of action, plenty of humor, and a great cast. Seeing "three" of the most gorgeous actresses appear together, Emily Blunt(エミリー・ブラント), Charlize Theron(シャーリーズ・セロン), Jessica Chastain(ジェシカ・チャステイン) in a movie is surely a feast for the eyes. The dialog is lighthearted, and the story is easy to follow and is enough to keep you engaged, and the love story believable.

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Where is My Home? ぼくの おうちは どこ?

"Where is My Home?" with my translation (revised edition) has been published this week. This is a story about a boy named Terry. Everybody called him Terry Treetop because he loved climbing trees. Terry follows a butterfly one day and finds himself lost. Terry wants to go back home. But where is Terry's home? Does the rabbit in the borrow know? Does the beaver in the lodge know? Maybe the fawn's mother knows? Or can Suzanne the squirrel help him? I sincerely hope both children and adults can enjoy this little gem in English and Japanese. Please recharge your souls with the full-color illustrations of energetic Terry and the adorable animals he met.
今週、翻訳いたしました『ぼくの おうちは どこ?』の改訂版が出版されました。木登りが大好きで、みんなからテリー・ツリートップと呼ばれている少年のお話。ある日、テリーは、きれいなチョウを追いかけているうちに迷子になってしまいます。家に帰りたいテリー。でもテリーの家はどこでしょう?巣の中のウサギなら知っているかしら?小屋に住むビーバーなら分かるかしら?小鹿のお母さんなら知っているかも?それともリスのスザンネが助けてくれる?英語と日本語のバイリンガルで、親子そろってお楽しみいただければ幸甚です。元気ハツラツなテリーと、かわいらしい動物たちのフルカラーのイラストとともに、心を充電させてくださいませ。

Author's Site 著者サイト


Money Monster マネーモンスター

This movie had moments of unexpected humor, which was very cleverly done by director, Jodie Foster(ジョディ・フォスター). The movie is well scripted and well acted. Julia Roberts(ジュリア・ロバーツ)as the extraordinary conscious producer calculating how each camera angle is best to follow, while George Clooney(ジョージ・クルーニー)in one of his finest roles as the careless theatrical advice giver of the money program.

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The Snail Who Forgot the Mail ゆうびんを わすれた カタツムリ

"The Snail Who Forgot the Mail" with my translation was published last week. The author has been writing a lot of children's picture books with a unique, refreshing, therapeutic style combining a vivid imagination, humor and flowing rhythm in her stories. This adorable gem was written under the theme of "patience", and its ethical message is appealing to the hearts of children. I sincerely hope both children and adults can enjoy this little gem in English and Japanese.
先週、翻訳いたしました『ゆうびんを わすれた カタツムリ』が出版されました。ユニークでリフレッシングな癒し系の子ども絵本を数多く手がける著者の作品には、ビビッドなイマジネーションと流れるようなリズム感が同居しています。本作は「辛抱」をテーマとした可愛らしい一作であり、道徳的メッセージも子どもたちの心に響きます。英語と日本語のバイリンガルで、親子そろってお楽しみいただければ幸甚です。

Author's Site 著者サイト


The Danish Girl リリーのすべて

Such a touching and delicate film especially since it treats difficult subjects of sexuality and the discovery of one's identity in an hostile period. The fact that it is a true story makes the whole movie even more involving. Eddie Redmayne(エディ・レッドメイン) as Lili Elbe and Alicia Vikander(アリシア・ヴィカンダー) as Gerda Wegener, deliver brilliant performances.

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AEON Shibuya School Halloween Party イーオン渋谷校ハロウィーンパーティ

Former students of AEON and current students' friends and families are also welcome. Here is AEON Shibuya school Halloween party info.
We are looking forward to your wonderful costumes.